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Mutual Points Review

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Mutual Points is an online rewards scheme that helps its members make the most of their online shopping. Although it’s not a cashback site in the most traditional sense (you’ll find out why later), we did enjoy checking out what this service had to offer and feel that it’s a welcome change from other services in this market. As with all of the sites we have reviewed in this category, MutualPoints is free to join, meaning users can start earning money and winning prizes just by shopping online, without having to spend a penny at the outset. If you’re interested in finding out more about MutualPoints, read on…

Users can join MutualPoints quickly and easily and can use the site to generate in-site currency based on their shopping habits online. MutualPoints is slightly different in this respect, when compared to other online cashback services we have reviewed, in that members don’t collect cashback directly on their purchases, but in fact collect ‘Mutual Points’ which can be exchanged at the site for either a cheque (750 points translates into £5 of real money) or rewards and prizes from a collection of different offerings on the site. Members can also choose to donate their points directly to charity (which will be, of course, translated into real money so that the charity can put it to good use).

Users of MutualPoints can collect points with the service at more than 700 distinct retail outlets, including many major brands such as Apple, Littlewoods, Amazon, Play.com and more. These sites are spread across a wide range of categories including telecoms, finance, foods, gifts, magazines and more, meaning you can pretty much always find a cashback offer at a MutualPoints partner site regardless of what it is you’re looking to buy.

A couple of interesting features caught our eye and we had to devote some of this review to discussing them. Firstly members can earn additional points by registering their credit and debit cards with the site. In doing this, when members shop on the high street at stores that are covered by the MutualPoints scheme, their accounts are automatically credited with the amount of points they would have earned if they had purchased the item online through the site. Secondly, customers can also earn extra points by reviewing items and services on the site, giving them an extra reason to head over to the site and create a community feel about the service. Finally, users can benefit from a wide range of coupons and discount codes that make it even easier to save money whilst shopping online.

Although we enjoyed using MutualPoints, the number of retailers this service is partnered with is a lot smaller than other services we have reviewed in this category, restricting quite significantly the impact that this service has. In addition, users have a lower cash-out limit of £20 (3,000 points) meaning it may take a while before you can withdraw money from the site. If you fancy giving this service a go, by all means head over to the site to find out everything you need to know about MutualPoints. If not, why not give one of the other sites we have reviewed a try – there’s nothing to lose after all!

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