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Category: UK Cashback Websites (AKA UK Money Back Websites)
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Maximiles Review

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Maximiles is a great online rewards site that helps users pick up amazing gifts, prizes and rewards by shopping online or completing sponsored surveys. Maximiles is a little different to other sites we have reviewed in that, instead of users receiving cashback on their purchases directly, they receive Maximiles points that can be redeemed for prizes. While some users will find the absence of ‘real cash’ rewards a little disappointing, there is some great stuff on offer at Maximiles, so it’s definitely worth checking this site out. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Maximiles…

So how does Maximiles work? Well, joining only takes a few minutes and once you’re logged in, you essentially continue to shop in the same way as you normally would. By clicking on the merchant links on Maximiles before you head over to a particular site, Maximiles tracks your purchases and credits your account with the correct number of Maximiles points. Users can also complete online forms and surveys, reading emails and watching videos, meaning there are always further opportunities to earn at this great site.

In terms of the rewards on offer, Maximiles is jam packed with great prizes that really make it worth collecting points with the site. Users can collect points with many of the major brands out there (including Kelloggs, Empire Cinemas, William Hill, Orange and more) and the number of brands represented in the rewards catalogue is just as broad. Prizes range in price from only a few hundred points right up to hundreds of thousands, and span everything from children’s games, to technology, televisions, toiletries and more. Users can also opt for a number of charitable rewards and ‘green’ rewards that allow them to donate their points directly to worthy causes.

One of the things we really enjoyed about using Maximiles is that the site is also, on some small scale, a social networking opportunity, as users can create their own profile on the site and use it to interact with other members. They can also add a photo to their profile, comment on forums and blogs and share with each other the latest hot tips about where to collect Maximiles and what to buy with them. Although some other sites in this category have had a go at providing similar services, we felt that this was one of the key elements of the Maximiles experience and really enjoyed giving it a go.

We had a great time giving Maximiles a try and checking out the wide range of rewards that are on offer here. If you’re looking for pure cash prizes, perhaps this isn’t the best place to be, but in terms of general rewards for your shopping, Maximiles certainly has a lot to offer. Maximiles is a great way to help make life a little more rewarding and get the most out of what you already do online. If this sounds like a good deal to you – head over to Maximiles today to see how you could benefit.

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