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eDeals UK Review

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eDeals UK is a great site that offers users excellent rates of cashback on many of the most popular online shopping sites on the web. Although the site doesn’t quite make it into our top ten for a number of reasons (considered below), it’s still a good choice, especially if your favourite online shop is one of those featured heavily by this service. There are also a number of good features on the site that help its users find where the best deals are quickly and easily, which also impressed us. Read on to find out more about eDealsUK…

eDealsUK users can pick up cashback at a wide number of online retailers covering the full spectrum of online shopping – from food, fashion and gifts, to electricals, books and DVDs. Many of the most popular online shopping outlets are featured here, so the chances are you already shop at a place that could make you extra cash if you were a member of eDealsUK. Although the range of retailers is good, it’s nowhere near as large as that offered at other online cashback sites (such as QuidCo or TopCashback for example), which is disappointing.

Commissions range from a couple of percent on some transactions, to more than 20% on others, meaning, depending on what you’re buying, there’s a lot of earning potential in an eDealsUK membership. The ‘top retailers’ function makes it easy to see which offers are most popular and which sites are offering the most generous cashback on purchases. Finally, all users can have payments made to their account using fast BACS transfer, meaning there’s no waiting for cheques in the post and no need to worry about spending gift vouchers before their expiry date.

Although this site doesn’t quite hit the top ten in this category, broadly because it’s not as popular as other sites in this market and has a fairly high cash-out minimum balance (thus making its members wait longer to actually receive the funds they collect with the site), we did enjoy checking out what it had to offer. If you like the sound of this site, by all means give it a go (there’s a free £5 bonus on offer for new users, afterall) – if not, head over to one of the sites that we have featured in our top ten, such as QuidCo for example, to see what’s on offer there – it’s a market leader afterall!

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