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Fat Cheese Review

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The rather unusually named, Fat Cheese, is one of the UK’s best and most-loved cashback sites, offering its members a wide range of cashback deals at some of the largest and most popular online retailers in the UK. Founded only a couple of years ago, this site was created by two experts in affiliate marketing and cashback shopping with the idea of not only providing users with great cashback offers, but also a number of new products that add value to membership of the site. And the name? Well, apparently it came about when the founders came up with the idea of the site – they were eating full-fat blue cheese dip at the time…

Members can join FatCheese in a matter of minutes and start making savings straight away. Users can earn cashback at more than 2,000 online shopping outlets, including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Currys, Groupon, Amazon and more. These stores span a range of categories including electrical items, financial products, insurance, utilities, travel and more, meaning we’re sure that you’ll find a store you already shop at in the list of FatCheese retailers. Users can also enjoy a wide range of cashback offers from simply giving free trials a go, at a number of online services such as eFax and Credit Expert. These free trials are ‘no obligation’ and cost you not a single penny, but they can be a great  way to make a few pounds here and there and boost your online balance.

The reason we mention the name so much, as weird as it is, is that we think it illustrates, in part, what’s so unusual about this site. Members are able to access a wide range of new, innovative features that set this site apart from others in our listings in this category. One of these features is the Cashback Guarantee. One of the main problems with cashback sites is that users occasionally have problems receiving their cashback payments because of interference or problems with the affiliate links which track their purchases at partner stores. FatCheese deals with this problem by providing a cashback guarantee – if, for whatever reason, the online store fails to pay FatCheese the money you’re entitled to, FatCheese will pay you anyway – it’s that simple. Another thing that we loved about this site was the ‘direct donate’ feature that lets members donate their earnings straight to a charity of their choice. Great stuff.

Users can cash-out their account whenever the balance reaches just £1, easily the lowest cash-out limit we have found in this category. It’s worth noting though, that FatCheese charges its customers £5 per year (from their cashback payments), which is one of the primary reasons this site doesn’t quite make it into the upper reaches of our top ten in this category. It’s still a great choice however, so if you’re not bothered about the £5 annual commission payments and quite like this quirky site, we’d definitely suggest you give it a go. Hit the link below to find out everything you need to know about FatCheese!

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