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Crunch Cashback Review

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Crunch Cashback is a partner site of Get Pounds Back that aims to give its members everything they need in order to beat the credit crunch and receive cashback payments on their online shopping. The site is free to join and use and prides itself on giving its members 100% of all of the cashback they earn – there are no admin fees, so whatever you earn is yours to keep. It’s quick and easy to join the site, so members can start earning cashback on their shopping right from day one.

As Crunch Cashback is a partner site of Get Pounds Back, many of the features on offer at the site are the same as those on offer at that site. Members can join the site by filling out a few details and earn cashback by shopping online through the site. The site has partnerships with more than 1,700 online merchants, including a number of major brands such as 02, Tommy Hilfiger, Ziinga, Orange, Amazon, Apple and more, making it easy to earn cashback on all of your major purchases. The amount of cashback offered at each merchant varies from site to site, with some online stores offering a few percent commission on purchases, while others offer rates of 20% and more on certain purchases.

A great feature of CrunchCashback is that users can use the CompareCashback tool to compare the cashback deals on offer at this site with those on offer at QuidCo and Top Cashback (the market leaders in this industry). This makes it easy to ensure that, regardless of where you shop, you always get the best cashback deal on offer (while this may mean moving around a little between the major providers in this category, it’s often worth it to get the most cashback from a particular purchase). Members can also earn and save money in other ways. Users can add their friends and family to the site and pick up a free £1 referral commission when they do so or build up further funds by browsing or searching on partner sites and checking out adverts from CrunchCashback advertising partners. While the earnings that result from the latter activities are limited (only a few pence in some cases), it all helps to build your balance to a point where it is possible to ‘cash-out’ (which can be done by PayPal or BACS payment).

With a great range of cashback deals, as well as an extensive list of discount codes, vouchers, coupons and special offers at many partner sites, CrunchCashback is a one-stop-shop for saving money online. Although the service isn’t quite as popular or as extensive (in terms of its range of retailers) as other sites we have reviewed in this category, we still enjoyed checking it out, so would definitely recommend our readers do the same. If this site doesn’t quite work out for you, be sure to have a look at the other sites we have reviewed in this category in order to find a cashback site with deals that are just right for you. Enjoy!

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